BOMBEROS line of handcrafted footwear for Men is the marriage of a desire to curate the finest materials in the world, construct these textiles into footwear in workshops who place the highest priority on quality and workplace ethics, and deliver them to clients at direct-to-consumer pricing.

Whether purchasing a shoe from our Italian deer hide or box calf leather or from our water-resistant suede, you’ll be investing proudly in a morally-made pair of shoes you will wear for years to come.

El Louie

El Louie


Escobar On sale


$149.00 $195.00

Bilbao On sale


$129.00 $195.00

La Almeria On sale

La Almeria

$129.00 $195.00

Sevilla On sale


$99.00 $195.00

Olivio On sale


$149.00 $195.00