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Five Ways to Wear Belgian Loafers

November 28, 2018 1 Comment

Five Ways to Wear Belgian Loafers

The Belgian Loafer is misunderstood.

We know this because the shoe’s style is undeniably timeless (not to mention comfortable) and yet, there are few examples of well-made, well-priced Belgian loafers on the market. You don’t see them walking the streets. You can’t find many options for under $500.

Why aren’t these shoes more popular? The problem isn’t with the loafers, it’s with us.

Knowing how to wear premium quality belgian loafers is key. From styling them year-round, to matching them with the rest of your wardrobe, truly understanding the shoe’s versatility will yield some serious cost-per-wear ROI.

With this in mind, let’s open up the look book to this multifaceted slip on….

1. Belgian Slippers for Business

Where? At the office, meeting with clients, landing your next job

Worn with: A sport coat and solid trousers

Sleek and understanded, the Belgian loafer in its simplest form will fast become a staple of your office wardrobe. An all-leather or linen upper pairs beautifully with a suit or a blazer and trousers. Plus, they’ll make a perfect transition on those days with happy hour on the horizon.

2. The Formal Belgian Slipper

Where? Any place you need to make a statement

Worn with: A tuxedo, of course

It may be your big day, a close friends’ wedding, or a charity casino night - whenever a tuxedo is called for, it’s time to be bold. The BOMBEROS Presidente will help you do exactly that. Black patent leather pops between white suede piping, and the look becomes an exclamation point to your best tuxedo. Oh, and we think you’ll love the smooth leather sole on the dancefloor, too.

3.Pairing Belgian Slippers with Shorts

Where? Sunday bar-hopping, summer yacht parties

Worn with: Thinking of wearing boat shoes? Replace them with these

Ready to graduate your Sunday Funday bar-hopping shoe from the boat shoes you wore in college to something a little more sophisticated? Sure that pair of top-siders has been through a lot with you but it’s never a bad idea to show the world you’re growing up. A pair of Belgian loafers does just that. They’ll dress-up a casual outfit and keep heads turning when worn with cuffed khaki shorts.

4. Belgian slippers with Tailored Jeans

Where? Brunch with the miss, seeing a film,visiting the parents

Worn with: Your favorite pair of jeans

Few fashion items last as long as a great pair of jeans. Although we’ve seen a shift from baggy to skinny, tapered to wide-leg, I think we can all agree a well-tailored pair of jeans is almost irreplaceable. Dressing those jeans up with a pair of Belgian loafers will give you a style that’s just as timeless. Wear our Barcelonian linen slipper with blue denim, and the La Rioja red slipper with black jeans.

5. Belgian Loafers With Chinos

Where: Saturday lunch, a fall football game, a first date

Worn with: Colorful chinos/khakis

A great way for guys to add color to their outfits, the chino is a staple of many wardrobes. Throw a pop of color on your feet to step this look up, or balance out a solid shirt with a solid Belgian loafer to let the pants do the talking.


With this inspiration we encourage you to break of of your footwear comfort zone and find the right pair for you. If you have any questions drop us a line at We'd love to hear from you! 


Matthew D. Werner

1 Response

Pamela Arenson
Pamela Arenson

February 26, 2020

Your loafers are exquisite and timeless

I am interested in all the loafers that are on sale but my size in unavailable. I am a 39 and am wondering if you have a waiting list or when these loafers will be back in production.
Am New York based and see a great future for your company.
All my best,
Pamela Arenson
H212 848-2067

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