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Shoes with a Soul


    Today marks the beginning of the European Summer holiday. This tradition honors the idea that Summer is to be enjoyed and is for play, not work. Dating back to the industrial era, factories discovered that assembly lines don’t function very well when employees are missing. A quick fix? Give everyone the same time off. This also allows for the factory to be re-organized, cleaned or perhaps upgraded. 

    Moving forward to today, I felt this is the perfect occasion to shine a bit of light on what happens behind the scenes at BOMBEROS. Founded on a love of product development and a belief that there are gaps in the footwear market, we began our company by travelling the world to learn about manufacturing, both facilities and their production techniques and values. After weeks on the road and dozens upon dozens of factory visits, we found our first production partner nestled between the castle walls and vineyards of Almansa, Spain.

    From the moment we arrived on site, the decision to form a partnership was easy. As soon as we walked in, we heard music playing over the factory’s sound system. We felt how cool and temperate the atmosphere was. The working conditions and ambience were a far cry from our visits to facilities in Vietnam, Singapore and other Asian manufacturing outposts. We saw the smiles on the artisans’ faces and how happy they are to make some of the world’s best footwear. We saw areas away from the production floor for kids to play, an informal employee sponsored day care, if you will. We saw and felt the sun coming through the factory windows providing natural and nourishing sunlight all the way to the factory floor.

    Just as important, is the quality of the product and the willingness of the production staff to help us design, develop and produce products which fill gaps in the market. But, this has to be accomplished with the highest ethics. In addition to the evident comfortable working environment, one of our first questions to the Atelier owner was to confirm all artisans are compensated with a real-world wage. BOMBEROS was and is especially keen to commit to our customers that our footwear comes from happy craftsmen. Artisan well-being ensures pride as their skill is deployed and consistent quality is yielded across their work. Each shoe is cobbled with an old-world commitment to excellence and this highest craftsmanship is apparent at the first glance of BOMBEROS' products. We are committed to both quality and the human soul. This is the foundation of each BOMBEROS shoe, our values and our brand.

    So, while we in the Americas are jealous of our European colleagues and will be working throughout August, this is time for BOMBEROS to say “Thank You” to our artisans and wish them happiness and safe travels on their holiday. It’s more than well-deserved. 




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